Will Josef Elizalde make a voluntary exit?

Will the Lethal Lasallite leave the PBB house?

After garnering 49% of votes among the other nominated housemates last nomination night, meaning, having a huge number of fans among his four other competitors; 16-year old Josef Elizalde announced yesterday that he's having a voluntary exit due to her auntie, who couldn't make up with the sleeping habits inside the house.

Since according to Big Brother, the guardian's housemate will be affected if the guardian decides to leave the house; Josef Elizalde will then be "forced" to be evicted due to PBB house policies.

For Josef aficionados, it's never new to us that he really wanted to become a celebrity, as he have tried several modeling careers just so to be discovered by the public televiewers as well as the cameras. We have seen him on Chippy Commercial, and now, he's making a big leap inside the PBB house, being one of the 'populars' for his good looks, sense of humor and witty attitude.

Will Josef Elizalde finally give up his dream just for his aunt? Wouldn't he fight for his right to stay inside the house? Will the PBB's rating be affected? We'll find out on Saturday night so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here's an exclusive interview of Josef Elizalde... Got this from YouTube. Enjoy!

PBB Updates: who's who between Kevin and Linda?

Will it be the Bikini Babe? or the Spanish Stallion?

Seems both of them are portraying disapproving attitudes inside the house--according to most housemates. But according to polls, surveys and websites; most PBB fans are having a hard time who's who between the two. Both have good looks and are blessed with foreign breeds (which is considered a plus; but definitely not a basis for our votes.

16-year old Linda Backlund still has to fix the 'misunderstanding' between her mom and dad; while 18-year old Kevin Garcia, along with his dad John are doing all the efforts to earn money just for Kevin's sport (horse riding). His parents are also separated, but unlike Linda's parents; both are supporting Kevin in all his needs. Moreover, we still have to know more about Linda and Kevin; but for us to vote wisely, I should say that we must know their purpose in joining the show and weighing all the reasons.

So, who do you think will stay? Is it the Bikini Babe or the Spanish Stallion? The answer is in your votes. Vote wisely.

Some helpful tips for penniless tourists on how to survive Baguio

I will be accompanying my mom on our way to Baguio next week. We always spend our summer vacation there while mommy is busy with her summer session office works. I just wonder how to spend those seven long weeks in Baguio being broke and alone. The city of Pines is such a nice place with those unusual huge sunflowers and the cold climate. However, you can’t afford to enjoy it if you literally can’t afford with those strawberries and other stuffs there.

On the other hand, I would prefer much to get lost in Baguio despite being penniless than to couch on my sofa and watch TV at home all day. As an old cliché would say it, money can’t buy happiness—and that small city, combined with your adventurer spirit is all worth it!

Meanwhile, as I think about my sole plans for that week, here are some suggestive tips on how to survive being broke in Baguio.

· Having a jacket, a pair of rubber shoes and the camera phone is all what it takes to enjoy your stay. Start your journey at the heart of Baguio—the Session Road with a row of business estabs which includes restaurants, bookstores, etcetera; plus, buy unique and cheap love potions sold by Igorots.

· Go to St. Scholastica’s Healing Garden for meditation.

· Of course, the beautiful Burnham Park. It’s best to jog around there in mornings. Biking costs only 40 pesos or less.

· Take pictures of the beautiful flowers in Botanical Garden. For your info, Baguio is the home to the fully bloomed flowers. That’s why they celebrate Panagbenga Festival during February.

· Enjoy the pre-war interior of The Laperal House.

· Kneel and pray at the Pink Sisters. (There was a time when I was a child that I picked up the white stones there and brought it home as a souvenir of my stay there. Very funny, but I suggest doing the same will make you feel nostalgic later).

· For environmental tour, go to Maryknoll’s Cosmic Journey (along Campo Sioco Road). It’s a very beautiful place so take pictures.

· At night, enjoy the scenic view of SM Baguio (which looks more of a Chinese mansion erected at the top of the mountain. Very beautiful).

· Feel like you’re on top of the world at the Mines’ View Park

· Walk along Kennon road and find out the secret caves there.

Who says you have to take the cab and have extra-money for you to get all there? Just walk. Burning those fats is very easy co’z you won’t battle with the Sun’s scorching heat. Besides, Baguio is a small place but there’s still a lot more to find out. Walk around to discover the adventure and I assure you, you won’t get lost.

Happy summer vacation to all!

Is Faith Hill pregnant... or she just needs a new stylist?

Last CMT Awards, international singer and Hollywood actress Faith Hill showed up wearing a terrible outfit.

Wearing that all glimmering black with a loose top, she looked like a walking garbage bag; critics say. Worst is that she wore it in public to an awards show.

Also in the past week, she was wearing an orange ‘very’ flowing top with the same black skinny slacks and black heels at an event in New Orleans.

Whether she’s trying to cover that baby bump or she just needs a new stylist, there must be some reason behind it.

But good thing though, we have acquired this ‘not-so-new’ secret in covering those bellies.

Cameron Diaz: surfing for a better shape

Despite being in mid-thirties, Cameron Diaz is surely getting in better shape. And she thought that her body have improved more today than in her mid-twenties.

The secret? It’s in the benefits of surfing.

This Charlie’s Angel had discovered this new sport and been hooked into it since then while filming the movie.

‘As a kid, I was athletic. But after Charlie’s Angels, I became physically strong. I did realize you could do that and it was really great. I think once you give yourself to that, it’s hard to let go.”

As a Hollywood actress, part of her job was to maintain that curvaceous figure, and that was where she’s in.

The 35-year old Cameron Diaz revealed that her secret in getting in better shape is not just following those strict dos and don’ts of dieting and surfing. The real secret is being appreciative in all things.

“I bathe, I work out, I drink lots of water, I eat healthy. I try to get as much sleep as I can—I love life, I want to be active, I have wonderful friends, I have a wonderful family. I think the best beauty secret is appreciation. If you appreciate everything that you have, that gives you certain quality that can be perceived as beauty”

Currenly, she's contented being single. Click this to know more updates about her.

Fergie is one proud Latina!

Stop all the speculating. Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie is indeed a Latina.

Fergie tells in Latina magazine that she has a Mexican ancestry. His Dad’s grandmother was born in Guanajuato. “I’m very proud of it; that’s probably where I get my fire”

However, the mag asks her why her being Latina is not so obvious. Fergie answers “I don’t go claiming it big time because there are more fully-bred Latinas out there to represent”.

To sum up; even though it’s just her dad’s grandma, Fergie is really one proud Latina.

Paris Hilton: a replica of her best friend?

They’re best of friends forever—from good times to bad times. But does that mean copying your best friend’s every move—from having a steady boyfriend to family planning?

This ‘Simple Life’ star who accompanied her Good Charlotte boyfriend Benji Madden on tour—wants to follow best friend’s Nicole Richie’s footsteps by settling down and starting a family.

Nicole, who is engaged to Joel (Benji’s brother and bandmate) is said to have accused Paris of copying her every move.

According to sources, Nicole was already upset when Paris started dating Benji. It all happened too fast. However, Nicole didn’t go on tour with them because she was looking after her young daughter.

Moreover, Paris revealed last year she was preparing her body for it to be on good condition to conceive.

“I want kids next year, so I’ve got to ready my body” noted the actress.

Simon Cowell Donates in Idol Gives Back

He’s strict and sarcastic on TV. He’s not generous in giving praises. And to most Americans, he’s the worst American Idol judge among them.

But when the lights are off and behind those camera scenes, Simon Cowell has a generous heart after all especially when it comes to charity. After seeing first-hand children in extremely indigent conditions while traveling to Africa and touring sites in the US last year as part of the inaugural Idol Gives Back campaign, he donated his paycheck right away and had no hesitations in donating his paycheck again this year.

According to other sources, our very own Ramielle Malubay also confirmed Cowell’s being kindhearted for giving her his shoulders after being eliminated in the show.

Charities receiving donations as part of this year’s Idol Gives Back include: The Children’s Defense Fund, Children’s Health Fund, The Global Fund, Make it Right, Malaria No More, and Save the Children.

David Archuleta: will he be the next American Idol?

After Jordin Sparks, who made history as the youngest American Idol without being at stake in the bottom three, will David Archuleta, Season 7's contestant be the next on her footsteps?

With the succeeding weeks, he haven't been in the bottom three along with David Cook, his closest rival. But being the youngest among them, this 17-year old singer is definitely making his way to stardom.

Here are some facts about David Archuleta from American Idol 2008

  • His hometown is in Murray, UT and he auditioned in San Diego, California
  • His favorite quote: "You'll never be lonely if you befriend yourself"
  • Musical influences are: Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin and Bryan Adams
  • His inspirations so far are his faith and family
  • He sang on the several episodes of the television show Star Search and went on to win the season finale with $100, 000 grand prize.
  • Inspired by the Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Video he was watching, he began pursuing his singing career at the age six.
  • He started performing as an entertainer at ten when he participated in the Utah Talent Competition with the song piece "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton where he received a standing ovation and first place in the kids division.
  • Currently, his fans are dubbed as "The Archies" or "Arch Angels".
When asked about his edge among the contestants, he noted "by being who I am and loving what I'm doing". Whether this matinee American Idol contestant will make it to the top or not, surely, we will never forget his song piece "Imagine" which brought tears to Paula Abdul's eyes as well as to the American televiewers. So far, this, I think is the most outstanding performance among his other 'best' performances' in the show. I just hope he'll make it among the rest so he'll reach more people's hearts with his angelic and soulful voice.


http://www. americanidol.com

Forbidden Kingdom to Helm the Theaters on April 18

In Theaters: April 18, 2008
Starring: Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Michael Arangano
Director: Robert Minkoff

After the successful wide release of Horton Hears a Who (which is perceived to be the highest-grossing film in 2008), here comes another action-packed film directed by Robert Minkoff who also directed films such as Stuart Little Films, Haunted Mansion and The Lion King.

The Forbidden Kingdom is a back-to-back collaboration between martial arts veterans Jackie Chan and Jet Li, the first ever tandem and probably the last one. The story tells about American teenager Jason (Arangano) who finds an antique rod in the pawnshop--the legendary stick weapon owned by a Chinese sage and warrior Monkey King (Li). With the lost relic in his hand, he unexpectedly finds himself transported back to Ancient China where he meets several kung fu masters who will lead him on his quest to return the relic to its rightful owner, the Monkey King--imprisoned in stone for almost five centuries. Along the way, he discovers the value of honor, loyalty, friendship and the true meaning of kung fu and thus frees himself into his time.

What makes the story most anticipating for me is its simplicity but complicated circumstances which gives highlight to the characters and to the adventure. It gives more excitement not just of its perfect casting, but also of its great narration. More than the foretaste it gives because of the first-ever tandem by kungfu movie gurus, this blockbuster is certainly a five-star.

A Best Seller Love Story Written by God: Transforming our Perspectives on Romance

Always a chaperon in your friends’ date? Tired of bouncing into several relationships that is always doomed to fail? Fed up with love chains and fortunetellers who keep you waiting for a perfect relationship with your partner? Falling into illusion of meeting the ‘right one’? Don’t fret. This book has an ultimate solution for that.

Perhaps your friends have been pressuring you. Teasing you nonchalantly for being single for a long time, which makes you feel insecure about yourself and to others who are seemingly secured with their partners. Just when you thought you’re romantically helpless because you’re status never changes from single among your “in-a-relationship” circle of friends; you will discover single-blessedness as a purpose towards your perfect love story ever told upon reading this book.

No, it’s not what you think. It’s not like those fancy Hollywood movie flicks, which drives us into seventh heaven or those Meg Ryan movies and romance novels that make us wish for a fairy tale like love story. This book introduces us to a more superior way of building one—beautifully written in God’s way.

Why, in the first place, God is the ultimate source of love and the Creator who first formulated the art of romance. Isn’t it?

Written by couples Eric and Leslie Ludy who patiently followed the concept of a God-written love story and are respectable voices of the adolescents towards several issues concerning youth; When God Writes Your Love Story reveals the ‘Four Secrets to an Amazing Story’—practical insights to do for us to get into our ideal love story.

Loaded with inspiration, motivation and several verses and teachings from the Bible, this book introduces us to some patient tips on getting into the right person, at the right moment and at the right time—God’s time.

From realizing God’s purpose on our single years to loving our other halves even before we laid eyes on them; from developing friendly relationships and boundaries towards opposite sex until we meet the right one; from understanding the difference between mere abstinence and true purity to practicing selflessness that will develop us into a better spouse—this book is definitely a must read especially for teens who seem to be overwhelmed with confusion concerning romantic love.

Remember, God is not on a hurry—but He’s always on time. If you wish your love story to be perfect, heaven sent and pleasing in God’s eyes just like millions of readers who have been revolutionized about the concept of a perfect love story; grab one copy now and surrender your pens to God and let him author the perfect love story and be amazed as to how it will be uniquely designed and beautifully written just for you.

So, if your friends still keep bugging you for being single for a long time, just smile about it, and say to yourself “Oh, I’m not really in a hurry. God must still be busy polishing my perfect love story”.

(Here's another good review for the book. Click this link to find out.)

Studes Must-Have Gizmos

As many students would confess, college life is a whole lot of stress—those theses, project studies, simultaneous major exams; etcetera. In today’s tech-oriented times, they also do deserve comfort for an easier and stress-free study environment. Thanks to these must-have gizmos, certainly schoolwork will be mind-cracking no more. If you haven’t had any one of these, feel free to add them on your cart or window-shop for a while on these cool gadgets.

Fly Fusion Pentop Computer

Want a soft copy of your notes for easy back up? This digital pen makes one for you. While jotting down class lectures using a Flypaper notebook (paper with tiny dots printed on it), the pen automatically digitizes your notes. You can upload it anytime straight to your PC as jpeg., but can be converted to Word document for easy editing. More perks? It provides assistance to a variety of subjects just in case mental block arises. And since college is another word for theses and paper works, it can cool your mind with some entertainment applications such as games and music studio. With all these helpful features, students’ learning would be more simple and hassle-free.

C- Pen Scanning Pen

Highlighting important keywords in a bundle of hardbound textbooks will be more effortless with this C- Pen Scanning Pen. Unlike the conventional yellow highlighter, this digital highlighter automatically stores texts into its hard disk and can easily be transferred straight to your PC. The concept is similar to the desktop scanner but more flexible, portable and can connect easily straight to your laptop. Plus, this 83-gram device recognizes over 238 languages for wider access in learning. Definitely student-friendly most especially in library researches and thesis work.

Panasonic RP- HC70E Noise Cancelling Headphones

Have you ever experienced being bugged by a soiree in your neighborhood just when you have to burn the midnight oil for your major exam the next day? With Panasonic RP- HC70E Noise Cancelling Headphones, nobody can ever disturb you from studying as it cancels 2 level disruptive noises around your neighborhood. Up to fifty hours battery life so you won’t mind recharging and you’ll definitely have higher chances of passing the major exam.

Creative Zen Vision: M 30GB

Who says students are bound to study all their school life? Weekends will never have been this fun without this Creative Zen Vision: M. With its built-in FM radio, excellent video battery life, wide range of online music stores, superb audio and video quality and above all—30GB hard disk; groove all night long up to 7,500 tracks, baby!

Corsair 1GB Flash Voyager USB Drive

A storage for your research documents and paper works is a must—but of course, it has to meet superiority and style. With the aid Corsair Flash Voyager USB Drive; transporting MP3, digital images, documents, presentations and the like become faster with its data transfer rate up to 19 MB/s. Moreover, this exceptionally fast flash drive is also stylish, compact and dependable for its durable rubber casing and water resistivity, so you wouldn’t bother starting all over again in case it accidentally lands on water.

Nokia n95 Smart Phone

Superb and classy; work and play had never been this balanced with Nokia n95 Smart Phone. Since Internet is an indispensable tool in studying, communication is very important and having a break also is; this smart phone combines all these essentials to meet the students’ needs. With its Broadband connection using WLAN or HSDPA, 5 megapixel autofocus camera, enhanced 3D stereo and many other vital features; this gadget is really a must on the list!

Live Scribe Digital Pen with Built-in Recording and OLED Display

Having a hard time listening to those complex diagrams and calculations? Can’t follow what the professor is discussing? Jot down faster and catch up his lectures and back them up automatically at the same time! With this incredible Live Scribe Digital Pen; make softcopies of your notes and record the voice of your professor in just tapping the pen twice—and boom! It instantly records the class discussion. And don’t mind about missing the important lectures coz you can review it at your desktop by transferring it right at your PC later.

Nikon CoolPix S52c

Capture vivid moments in your college life with this Nikon CoolPix S52c. While clicking those dramatic memories in a flash with its 9.0 megapixel resolution for clearer and livelier results; it also features innovative Wi-Fi compatibility in the COOLPIX range, with built-in connection to the Internet for easy back up. More than that, its design is more elegant and has user-friendly controls and easy-to-follow set of on-screen menus that flexibility and fashion becomes hand in hand. Definitely a chic and click cam.

Blackberry Pearl 8100 PDA Phone

Never underestimate the size of this Blackberry Pearl 8100 PDA Phone for its features are more unimaginable that one couldn’t think about. It comes all in one with a digital camera, multimedia capabilities, expandable memory and it also has a wide range of offers that one could expect from this incredible phone—from emailing, web browsing, text messaging (SMS and MMS), instant messaging, organizer apps and more. It’s an ultimate connection between fab and fashion. You definitely have to have one.

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