Cameron Diaz: surfing for a better shape

Despite being in mid-thirties, Cameron Diaz is surely getting in better shape. And she thought that her body have improved more today than in her mid-twenties.

The secret? It’s in the benefits of surfing.

This Charlie’s Angel had discovered this new sport and been hooked into it since then while filming the movie.

‘As a kid, I was athletic. But after Charlie’s Angels, I became physically strong. I did realize you could do that and it was really great. I think once you give yourself to that, it’s hard to let go.”

As a Hollywood actress, part of her job was to maintain that curvaceous figure, and that was where she’s in.

The 35-year old Cameron Diaz revealed that her secret in getting in better shape is not just following those strict dos and don’ts of dieting and surfing. The real secret is being appreciative in all things.

“I bathe, I work out, I drink lots of water, I eat healthy. I try to get as much sleep as I can—I love life, I want to be active, I have wonderful friends, I have a wonderful family. I think the best beauty secret is appreciation. If you appreciate everything that you have, that gives you certain quality that can be perceived as beauty”

Currenly, she's contented being single. Click this to know more updates about her.


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