Paris Hilton: a replica of her best friend?

They’re best of friends forever—from good times to bad times. But does that mean copying your best friend’s every move—from having a steady boyfriend to family planning?

This ‘Simple Life’ star who accompanied her Good Charlotte boyfriend Benji Madden on tour—wants to follow best friend’s Nicole Richie’s footsteps by settling down and starting a family.

Nicole, who is engaged to Joel (Benji’s brother and bandmate) is said to have accused Paris of copying her every move.

According to sources, Nicole was already upset when Paris started dating Benji. It all happened too fast. However, Nicole didn’t go on tour with them because she was looking after her young daughter.

Moreover, Paris revealed last year she was preparing her body for it to be on good condition to conceive.

“I want kids next year, so I’ve got to ready my body” noted the actress.


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