Some helpful tips for penniless tourists on how to survive Baguio

I will be accompanying my mom on our way to Baguio next week. We always spend our summer vacation there while mommy is busy with her summer session office works. I just wonder how to spend those seven long weeks in Baguio being broke and alone. The city of Pines is such a nice place with those unusual huge sunflowers and the cold climate. However, you can’t afford to enjoy it if you literally can’t afford with those strawberries and other stuffs there.

On the other hand, I would prefer much to get lost in Baguio despite being penniless than to couch on my sofa and watch TV at home all day. As an old cliché would say it, money can’t buy happiness—and that small city, combined with your adventurer spirit is all worth it!

Meanwhile, as I think about my sole plans for that week, here are some suggestive tips on how to survive being broke in Baguio.

· Having a jacket, a pair of rubber shoes and the camera phone is all what it takes to enjoy your stay. Start your journey at the heart of Baguio—the Session Road with a row of business estabs which includes restaurants, bookstores, etcetera; plus, buy unique and cheap love potions sold by Igorots.

· Go to St. Scholastica’s Healing Garden for meditation.

· Of course, the beautiful Burnham Park. It’s best to jog around there in mornings. Biking costs only 40 pesos or less.

· Take pictures of the beautiful flowers in Botanical Garden. For your info, Baguio is the home to the fully bloomed flowers. That’s why they celebrate Panagbenga Festival during February.

· Enjoy the pre-war interior of The Laperal House.

· Kneel and pray at the Pink Sisters. (There was a time when I was a child that I picked up the white stones there and brought it home as a souvenir of my stay there. Very funny, but I suggest doing the same will make you feel nostalgic later).

· For environmental tour, go to Maryknoll’s Cosmic Journey (along Campo Sioco Road). It’s a very beautiful place so take pictures.

· At night, enjoy the scenic view of SM Baguio (which looks more of a Chinese mansion erected at the top of the mountain. Very beautiful).

· Feel like you’re on top of the world at the Mines’ View Park

· Walk along Kennon road and find out the secret caves there.

Who says you have to take the cab and have extra-money for you to get all there? Just walk. Burning those fats is very easy co’z you won’t battle with the Sun’s scorching heat. Besides, Baguio is a small place but there’s still a lot more to find out. Walk around to discover the adventure and I assure you, you won’t get lost.

Happy summer vacation to all!


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