PBB Updates: who's who between Kevin and Linda?

Will it be the Bikini Babe? or the Spanish Stallion?

Seems both of them are portraying disapproving attitudes inside the house--according to most housemates. But according to polls, surveys and websites; most PBB fans are having a hard time who's who between the two. Both have good looks and are blessed with foreign breeds (which is considered a plus; but definitely not a basis for our votes.

16-year old Linda Backlund still has to fix the 'misunderstanding' between her mom and dad; while 18-year old Kevin Garcia, along with his dad John are doing all the efforts to earn money just for Kevin's sport (horse riding). His parents are also separated, but unlike Linda's parents; both are supporting Kevin in all his needs. Moreover, we still have to know more about Linda and Kevin; but for us to vote wisely, I should say that we must know their purpose in joining the show and weighing all the reasons.

So, who do you think will stay? Is it the Bikini Babe or the Spanish Stallion? The answer is in your votes. Vote wisely.


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