Will Josef Elizalde make a voluntary exit?

Will the Lethal Lasallite leave the PBB house?

After garnering 49% of votes among the other nominated housemates last nomination night, meaning, having a huge number of fans among his four other competitors; 16-year old Josef Elizalde announced yesterday that he's having a voluntary exit due to her auntie, who couldn't make up with the sleeping habits inside the house.

Since according to Big Brother, the guardian's housemate will be affected if the guardian decides to leave the house; Josef Elizalde will then be "forced" to be evicted due to PBB house policies.

For Josef aficionados, it's never new to us that he really wanted to become a celebrity, as he have tried several modeling careers just so to be discovered by the public televiewers as well as the cameras. We have seen him on Chippy Commercial, and now, he's making a big leap inside the PBB house, being one of the 'populars' for his good looks, sense of humor and witty attitude.

Will Josef Elizalde finally give up his dream just for his aunt? Wouldn't he fight for his right to stay inside the house? Will the PBB's rating be affected? We'll find out on Saturday night so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here's an exclusive interview of Josef Elizalde... Got this from YouTube. Enjoy!


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